About Thomas Weiss

Thomas Weiss

Thomas Weiss is a gifted writer and storyteller who has always been fascinated by science fiction, history, and the art of storytelling. Born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Thomas's upbringing in a working-class city with a rich industrial history provided him with a unique perspective that would shape his future writing career. Throughout his life, Thomas explored various creative endeavors, including painting, music, and video production. However, it was writing that he felt most passionate about. With an innate curiosity and vivid imagination, Thomas effortlessly transports readers to captivating worlds of wonder and adventure.

In 2019, Thomas moved to Acapulco, Mexico, where he found the inspiration he needed to complete his debut novel, "Ibis Beneath the Mesa." The book takes readers on a thrilling journey through time, history, and dimensions, weaving "Ibis Beneath the Mesa" is a breathtaking mix of science fiction, action, and historical fiction. The story follows three brilliant scientists who are invited to explore an enigmatic underground research facility in New Mexico. There, they encounter revolutionary technologies and extraterrestrial beings who have been interacting with humanity throughout history.

With intricate world-building, vivid descriptions, and complex characters, Thomas has expertly crafted a unique blend of genres that will leave readers enthralled. His passion for storytelling and attention to detail are evident in every word, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for readers. As Thomas continues to write, he plans to explore new subjects and push the boundaries of what is possible in literature. He believes that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings and is dedicated to using his talent to inspire and entertain readers for years to come. With his debut novel, "Ibis Beneath the Mesa," Thomas has proven himself to be a rising star in the literary world, and readers can expect great things from him in the future.