Ibis Beneath The Mesa

In his debut book author Thomas Weiss, Jr. takes readers on a thrilling adventure of discovery and intrigue. Archaeogeneticist Dr. Miles Harrison, computer scientist Lucia Miravillas, and zoologist John King journey to the enigmatic underground Ibis research facility in New Mexico at the request of billionaire Calvert Pope.

As they navigate the facility's depths, the team encounters advanced technologies and extraterrestrial beings who have been interacting with humanity since ancient times. But their quest takes a dangerous turn as they face sabotage, treachery, and perilous encounters with ancient creatures.

With each page turn, Weiss builds a compelling narrative, revealing the deeper mysteries of Earth's concealed history and the lost civilizations that once governed the planet. "Ibis Beneath the Mesa" will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page. As a debut author, Weiss displays a remarkable talent for crafting intricate and engaging plots. This science fiction book is a must-read for fans of ancient mysteries, adventure, and thrilling suspense.


Frozen Reich

In the unforgiving landscape of Antarctica, two scientists stumble upon a hidden, warm oasis teeming with vegetation. They are greeted by seemingly friendly inhabitants who welcome them into their city, which appears to be a utopian society. As the scientists are given a tour of the city, they marvel at the advanced technology and infrastructure that supports the thriving community.

Gradually, the scientists begin to piece together the true nature of their hosts. They uncover clues hinting at the city's origin as a secret Nazi base, established during World War II and now occupied by the descendants of the original settlers. The scientists also discover that the Nazis have formed an alliance with extraterrestrial beings, who have shared their advanced technology and knowledge.

When the scientists express their desire to leave the city and report their findings to the outside world, their hosts reveal their true nature and take the scientists hostage. The captors are determined to prevent the truth from being exposed and to protect their plans to revive the Reich with the help of alien technology.